ChesPenn Health Services
             More than just a 
               Doctor's office

Since 1973, ChesPenn Health Services has provided quality 
medical and dental services to residents of Chester, Pennsylvania 
and neighboring communities. 
In 2005, ChesPenn expanded 
these health care services 
to the Coatesville area, 
and in 2009, ChesPenn opened a center 
in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

   Today, with over 42 years of experience, 
   ChesPenn operates four Community Health 
   Centers and provides access to health 
   care to thousands of men, women and 
   children across both Chester and 
   Delaware counties.

ChesPenn accepts most 
HMO's, third-party insurances, 
Medicaid and Medicare, and 
also provides comprehensive primary 
and preventive health care and social services to medically 
underserved families and individuals on a 
sliding scale (regarless of insurance or income status).

By the end of 2012, ChesPenn patients will make over 50,000 visits to 
our health centers, and we expect to see even more patients 
in the coming years.  We work with our patients to 
ensure the highest quality care for every person we serve.

ChesPenn provides affordable and accessible primary health care services, 
regardless of incoome or insurance status.  A self-pay option on a sliding fee scale
 is available for those without insurance.

Services Provided
Dental Health Care (in Chester and Coatesville)

Board of Directors

Willie Mae Wells
Christine Donohue-Henry, M.D.
Rae Roeder
Karen Vesely

Carol Allen
Jeffrey Green
Anthony Hall
David Keith
Donna Lawler
Gwen Smith